The Brand


The concept of the brand is inspired from a true love story between a French-German girl and a French boy from Reunion Island. SIETLI means “her and him” in their 3 mothertongues, German, French and Creole. Differences between them have strengthened their relationship and made it special.

Our story starts in Reunion Island, an exotic place located on the African side of the Indian Ocean. An island where everything is possible and a perfect place to see the world with different eyes. A place where different cultures, religions and ethnicities blend together and live side by side in harmony. Regardless of how we think or look, we all share the same hopes, fears and dreams. 

We are a mixed race couple. We come from different cultures, but we have learned to accept our different backgrounds, and started a relationship together which led us to have two beautiful children.

SIETLI is about fashion and style, but we believe there’s another dimension to it with an unlimited potential, and that is the capacity of delivering a message, both for the person that wears our clothes and for those looking at this person. We aim to inspire individuals to accept human beings as they are, with their similarities and differences, so they can live in harmony together. 

That’s what SIETLI is all about: acceptance, tolerance, and love for everyone.



We are committed to provide timeless, unique fashion with a common purpose,for people from different cultures, ethnicities and religions, who enjoy expressing their voice through fashion that inspires them, and everyone else around them. 

Our success is built on quality, design, and a powerful, message across our society. 


Becoming a leading fashion & lifestyle brand for all people of mixed race or cultures, as well as a trendsetter within our industry, generating long lasting and trust based relationships with our customers. We wish to empower them to embrace people from all backgrounds, and welcome them into their lives. It’s our purpose to create a positive impact in our society, by sending a message of acceptance, unity, and understanding of the fact that we are all human, and we are all mixed.



We are all about fashion with a purpose. You’ll see, for us it’s just not about what you wear, but also about what message you convey through your fashion, and we feel very passionate about it. 

Our products are paired with a message. A message that is meant to remind our customers about the importance of generating meaningful connections with other human beings, we design fashion for bold people, who believe in defying the status quo, and live a life of their own. 

We also know that when it comes to fashion, quality matters. That’s why we go the extra mile and source high quality fabrics and materials to make sure our products don’t only look great, but are also durable. 

Start embracing a better way of seeing the world with SIETLI, we ship worldwide!